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Smoke Signals: February 2021


Exciting Future Plans for Social Activities at Pottawattomie!


Beginning in May, 2021, Pottawattomie will be starting a new Social outing…a Field Trip if you will!

Ladies that Learn and Lunch will kick off in mid-May. The outing, which will involve a private tour and informational presentation of the current art exhibit at the Lubeznik Art Center in Michigan Center, followed by a special lunch at Pottawattomie Country Club.

The first outing, (exact May date tbd), will focus on the exhibit Lost and Looking, which features artists confronting the reality of both our pasts and our futures, and how our memories tend to shape our memories. Searching for and finding our place, both spiritually and physically, often drives an entire life’s meaning. The ever-shifting landscape, filled with false histories, be they personal or historical, drive these select artists in their quest for higher meaning.

Following the complementary and very informative private walk thru, the group will be greeted at Pottawattomie, where a unique and affordably priced lunch will be waiting for you. A perfect setting to discuss the details of the art exhibit.

Stay tuned for more information on dates, times, and how to sign up.

P.S. Pottawattomie doesn’t discriminate! If a gentleman wants to join this very fun group, we will absolutely welcome you!



Future Plans for Social Activities at Pottawattomie!

Last fall, we put plans into motion by preparing a section of the parking lot (adjacent to the 8th tee, near where the employee’s park). The precise amount of asphalt overlay was put down to accommodate one court. This early step was necessary in order for the asphalt to be in place before inclement weather and then be able to have adequate time to cure prior to sealing the surface. Next steps include the sealing, followed by the painting of the surface base and the playing lines, followed by fencing to enclose the court. In addition, we are hoping to eventually add some benches and spruce up the area with beautiful landscaping. When it is all said and done, the court will be a beautiful addition to the Club!